Viticulture November- December 2012

What's happening on the vineyard

  • a slow start to the season with a cold October caused grapes to remain dormant for longer than usual and slower growth was evident 
  • the Meteorological Service predicts a mild El Nino to neutral weather pattern which means more variable weather
  • it has been wet with regular 10 mm rainfalls so no need for irrigation as yet
  • heavy frosts in the region causing damage to crops- fortunately our vineyard did not suffer any damage
  • shoot thinning has gone well thanks to our well trained team
  • work done during winter pruning enabled the team to shoot thin quickly and efficiently 
  • the last round of weed sprays took place just before bud burst 
  • we have started bud rubbing 
  • the irrigation system has been checked- pressure and flow tests were completed and are operating well
  • we are waiting for an explosion of growth..........